Ash: The chimp...died??  Mindmistress: couldn't sleep, and got more and more nervous and frantic.  I couldn't know it saw through closed eyelids.  Take off your glasses, ASh---look at this newspaper.Ash (Caption): So weird...I look at the way I see yesterday's headlines...can barely see...the day before yesterday's?  The other way...tomorrow's paper?  The day after tomorrow's?

Mindmistress: You only see tomorrow clearly?  The day after tomorrow...indistinctly?  Ash: Yes.  Mindmistress: Only one paper?  Not multiple ones, or a changing one...futureward?  Ash: One.  Mindmistress: Pity. I will.Mindmistress: Let's test it!  Ash: Then she grabbed a ball and threw it at me...with her armor's power it came at me like a I knew it would.




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