Ash: So...explain this to me. I barely know auto mechanics--- much less quantum mechanics.  Mindmistress: When things get really small...the rules...change.  Things get...uncertain. Position.  Speed.  Some suspect...time.Mindmistress: An event becomes an 'emitter'...the affected becomes the 'absorber'...sending an 'advanced' wave down a past light cone--- Ash: Advanced? Retarded? Mindmistress: A 'retarded' wave up a future light cone.

Mindmistress (Caption): Upon hitting an 'absorber' all traces of the waves theory. Instead I found lenses could amplify these traces, laser-like...I tested cameras and chimps.Mindmistress (Caption): Camera results were...inconsistent.  But the chimp could pick randomly-selected buttons to deliver bananas... Mindimstress: Every time! Great, GeorgeW!  !00 out of a 100!!  Mindmistress (Caption): ...But he died a week later.




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