Ash: So...those are the sunglasses?  What do they do? Mindmistress: You don't know?  Ash: I see past and future.  I don't...hear.  Mindmistress: Those absorb and block photons---their advanced and retaded waves.Ash: Come again?  Mindmistress:  One interpretation of quantum mechanics has photons producing retarded and advanced waves--- which interact with their future and past selves. The experiment you interrupted--attunes lenses to those waves.

Mindmistress: --Even biological lenses---eyes.   These glasses block photons---and those waves.  Ash: Whoa. Never thought I'd be so glad--to be in the dark. can cure me, right?Mindmistress: Well...eventually.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Ash: So I'm blind...or seeing freakishly?  Wow.  You really are Lorelei, aren't you?  The same embarassed, shy smile...when you screw up royally.  Mindmistress: Ash--!!  Ash: See?




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