Ezekiel Lyons: My fault, Ash. In Las Vegas for a convention---mentioning of 'The Lucky Man' how sick I was of typical Vegas acts---recommended you.  Ash: Learning a new city... Lorelei: I could help...Ash: I can't believe Zeke agreed... Lorelei: Why not?  I can help you get oriented this weekend---head back Sunday night--think of me as your seeing-eye dog.  Ash: Woof. Lorelei: Silly.

Lorelei: Ash, guy with sign at two o'clock.  Signholder:  Mr. Drake?  Miss Lyons?  For the Titans casino-hotel?  Ash: That's me: your new star attraction--the supple piano-playing fingers of Ashley Drake.Ash: Okay, we've walked from our rooms to theperformance hall three times---down two levels, left one hall, another hall---I'm cool.  Lorelei: See? I helped. Edward Depaul.




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