I'm the 'Lucky Man'...I see Ezekiel Lyons' lucky too...to have such a pretty daughter---you're earning a living?  Lorelei:....Yep.  Inna pet shop? Despite...your handicap.  Well done.Lucky Man: Would  you take off your locket?  Lorelei: M-my locket? I-it was a gift...from my momma.  Lucky Man: I'm not asking you to never wear it again--just that it'd clash with--this.

Lucky Man: This diamond necklace would frame your neck beautifully---let me loan it to you one night---and show  you Las Vegas.  Lorelei: But--Ash-- Lucky Man: Please. The 'special' need entertainment too.Ash: Oh-kay...:Lorelei, I know how much that locket meants to  you---I'll keep it while you have a night on the town.  Lorelei:  Thanks!  Ash: Mr. Depaul--- no drinking.  No gambling.  Lucky Man: Right.




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