Ash (Caption): It was a sweet night.  I never thought of myself as a Las Vegas performer...I'm about as far from Wayne Newton as you can get. worked.Ash (Caption): Meanwhile, Lorelei's night started out well...sort of.  Lorelei: Hey. I h-hope I look allri'--I'm more for'forble in t-shirts an' blue jeans than this kinda dress... Lucky Man: You look beautiful, Lorelei. This's my mom, Joanne. Joanne Depaul: She's charming, Edward.

Ash: Hello: And since it's two in the morning....give me a reason not to kill you.  Zeke?  Slow down...Lorelei and the Lucky Man---his Mom---all kidnapped?Lyons: Yes; they showed up for Wayne Newton's show---Lorelei's always liked Wayne Newton---then they were goig to catch the end of yours---but their limosince---disappeared--if Lorelei's harmed--




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