Ash (Caption):  For the first time, I took off my glasses in Vegas---and saw glimpses from the next day---first I donned my grey, hooded, jogging outfit. Ash: Spandex? No way.Ash (Caption): Good, reasonable footwear.  Good for running and kicking.  Nice, loose clothing. Good for muscles moving--not showing off muscles.  The color: grey.  Easy for blending into urban landscapes.

Ash (caption): A blindfold disguise...just like closed eyelids don't stop my sight...since any space the blindfold occupies is blindfold-free most of the time...I see right through the blindfold.Ash (Caption): The police won't try to interview me for hours.  A blind man's eyewitness account? If I'm gone--another tourist doing in Vegas what'll stay in Vegas.  ....With any luck.




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