Ash (Caption):  Without my special glasses, I saw Lorelei as she was earlier...she looked beautiful...granted, she ruined the effect by pulling at her butt where her panties kept riding up...Ash (Caption): Here's Lorelei, stammering and tongue-tied, getting into the Lucky Man's limosine hours ago-- bits and pieces.  This is like trying to do detective work through a kaleidoscope.  All...fractured.

Ash (caption): ?How to follow that image--? Ha.  Drunk, stoned, passeed out.  Next to a mortorcycle built for speed---keyes still dangling.  Robbery?  Theft? Grand larcery?   Those are such harsh words--Ash (Caption): It's temporarily mine under an obscure bit of common law called The Lien of Extreme Need.  Now to get into...traffic. ... ... Now to rethink my options entirely. No. Way.




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