Mindmistress: ....Because I knew he was coming.  Vicki: B-Boss? Boss??  Mindmistress: Go! Go!!  Editor: Ahhh...interesting...nice little pocket dimension you've created here...I would use this...once the pests are eliminated, that is... Mindmistress: You're one editor--Mindmistress; --I'll never submit to--  Editor: Fast as always.  My dear, your biggest fault is that  you're too cloever to ignore--- sooner or later--- you'll figure out some way to stop us---that's why--regrettably--

Editor: ---Your meddling ends now!! It's nothing...personal.  Mindmistress: Such a comfort-- Editor: You're still planning something, aren't you?  Even now.  I sense the wheels turning behind those gray eyes...Editor (Caption): Deathi s really your only option now. My subordinates and I will never be safe--while you're free to plot against us. Mindmistress (Caption): Wait. You're claiming...self-dfense?? Robot: Ah! The space-loop shield.



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