Editor: Farewell, m'lady...Mindmistress.  Robot: Mistress! Catch!  Mindmistress: Thanks.  Editor: That's your plan?  A metal...hula hoop?? Mindmistress: Were you expecting the Ultimate Nullifier? The one ring? What deus ex machina would you prefer?Mindmistress: This is called a Space-Loop shield---because--surprise!---it literally causes a

Mindmistress: ---Returning to its source.  Any force--as long as it travels across space...because we're bending space itself.  Any force.  Even Boom!!

Editor: Interesting. I underestimated you. I shall not do so again. Attacking on your home grounds, though I would eventually triumph...would take far too much timeEditor: We'll neutralize you instead.  Your
Editor: 'Catwalks go in--they won't go..out.  That's not all. We'll monitor you---constantly--starting now. We'll know if you make any move against us...and counter it. Checkmate. Farewell. Mindmistress: Swell.




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