Vicki: Hi, Lorelei! I used the 'catwalk'to get the armor here---let me show you where it is, before it goes 'unseen'---standard operating procedure--when away from home.  Lorelei: Oh. Wonderful.Lorelei: Excuse me---but are you crazy? I'm at a beauty pageant! I'm going to be at the beach! What do I need armor for? Suicide bomber surfers? Exploding sandcastles? Vicki: S-Sorry. Your orders, when you travel are--- Lorelei: 'My' orders--

Not 'my' orders---but the part of me created by my mother's locket! Well, I can do without it! I got along without it for twenty years...I can survive now.Lorelei: Now...if you'll excuse me...I'll get ready for a day of fun...on the beach. Vicki: Yes...boss.


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