Bloodshot: No sudden moves. Contestant 1: much to hpe that you're part of pagent security, right? Contestant 2: We'regoingtodiewe'regoingtodiewe'regoingtodie...Moodswing: He's with me---as a bodyguard, of sorts.... Contestant 1: Moodswing! I mean, Miss Dove...Contestant 2: Boy, did you have us worried... Contestant 3: An armed bodyguard---to a beauty pageant?

Moodswing: It's done. They now feel absolutely loyalty to me...and feel a strong...affection...for you. Contestant 1: Anything you'd like... Contestant 2: I'd do anything for you...Bloodlust: Later, ladies. Right now, I just want to know...any of you handled a gun before?Lyons: Have fun at the beach, Lorelei... Lorelei: Have fun 'judging', Daddy... Lyons: Oh, the first part isn't till's  tough job, but someone has to do it... Lorelei: Yeah. 'Tough'. *Giggle*.


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