Lorelei: Mr. Alexander? Troy? I didn't know you were going... Mr. Alexander: Well, my wife owns the sponsoring cosmetics company...and, as you know, Troy loves swimming---and the beaches there are supposed to be spectacular... Lorelei (caption): --Troy didn't look up--but he started to smile.Lorelei: Did Mr. Alexander get you to be a judge, Daddy? Lyons: Yep. It's good to have friends. Vanessa: Just remember, dear--look, don't touch. All those beautiful models---

Contestant 1: I hear 'Chelle Dove is one of the sponsors...Contestant 2: Dove? She's ancient. She was before May Duran. She's so last year... Contestant 3: Yeah, but she's smart--and rich. She could open a lot of doors.Contestant 1: Y'know, Andi might have had a chance at this--if she hadn't married that stupid detective and be a breeder--yuck! Contestant 2: I'm a little nervous---I've never gone outside the USA---and these days--- Contestant 3: Puh-leeze! The place is the next best thing to paradise--what could go wrong?


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