Bloodlust: The Miss Breathtaking Pageant, huh? Moodswing: Not your usual venue---but there will be dozens--hundreds---of tycoons--dignitaries---and celebrities.  Bloodlust: Custom-made---for a hostage action.

Vanessa Lyons: Lorelei. I know I'm not your mother...but...a word of advice. Lorelei: Yes, Mr.s Lyons--I mean, Vanessa? Vanessa Lyons: Let this 'TroyLyons: Well, ladies, guess which C.E.O. will be one of the judges of the Miss Breathtaking contest? Vanessa: The same C.E.O. who gets to bring two guests with him to lovely St. Cassandra in the Bahamas...where it's taking place? Guest like--- Lyons: Uh, you two lovely ladies? Vanessa: Smart answer. Lorelei: *Giggle* Daddy...


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