Mindmistress: Troy's a great boy...but you're making than more than it is. If he can't communicate---how can you know---? And if it progresses too far---we share this body. You're binding me to him. Lorelei:  We share this body because I say we can! You don't exist except if I use the locket--!Mindmistress: There are still many things I need to do---and any relationship would cut down the time I could--- Lorelei: You need to do!! The world got along just fine without you...and you're asking me to give up being happy...so you can finish things. This is my life...

Lorelei : My life!! Lorelei : --And you don't exist---unless I let you---you can't ask me to give up a chance to really live---to give up being lonely---just because you're smart---and I'm not. I count too.


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