Mr. Alexander: Look, Zeke...I don't know what you two are about...but it's Lyons: It's nothing. Just deal gone bad. ...Come back to haunt me.Lyons: Vanessa...Lorelei...what have I done? What is he planning? Minton: Look up there...Shore: Wow.. I've read about those things, but...

Minton: One of those robot spy-drones, the kind the CIA used in Afghanistan---odd I wasn't told about their use, though.  Shore: Maybe a Iris March: Couldn't resist, could you? Bloodlust: Better now..than as the pageant begins. Lyons will keep Drones? Iris: Flying. Bloodlust: Attack squads? Iris: Positioned. Bloodlust: Exhilerated? Or scared? Iris: Both.


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