Lorelei: More chips, Troy? (Caption): He's the wurld's pikiest eater. He eats chips. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese pizza. Macaroni and cheese. Nothing else.  Never had a hamburger or apple.Lorelei: Time to go, Troy. (Caption) What a purfekt day. Swimming in a deep blue sea...by the purfekt beech...sime sumone I...care abowt...enjoy...dream of...?

Lorelei (Caption): Just him'n'me...not 'speshul'...not awkword an' stewpid. Not autistic. Not retarded. Just us. Just letting us be...Lorelei: Daddy? Lyons: Vanessa will be with you two tonight--Troy's parents will be at the pageant with me. Vanessa: Besides---who wants to see Zeke drooling over those beauties?


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