Shore: Colonel Minton, this is Antonio Jacques, St. Cassandra's police commissioner... Jacques: And this is my assistant, Daimon Dee. Dee: Welcome to our island home, gentlemen. Minton: Thanks. We appreciate your cooperation.Lyons: Andrew! Andrew Minton!  Minton: Ahhhh, I thought I saw you earlier, Lyons. Haven't talked to you since the Forethought affair.  Tough night ahead?

Lyons: So you're in charge of security, Minton? Minton: Yes. What a joke. Absolutely nothing to worry about... Lyons: Well, I...perhaps you should...that is... Minton: Yes?Lyons: .... Nothing. Forget it. Shore: Friend of yours, sir? Minton: Yes, Shore....acting much too mysterious for my tastes...

Click on the second panel to learn more about the "Forethought" affair.


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