Bloodlust: Help. You an American? Help. Shore: Okay. Who shot you? Who are you? Bloodlust: I'm a mercenary called Bloodlust---I work with March Munitions---and was a bodyguard to Michelle Dove.Minton: I've heard of you, 'Bloodlust'---Wolfgang March, recently paroled. Why should we believe your story? Bloodlust: Because you know my reputation. Anyone beating me's big trouble!

Minton: So you claim armed squads are holding the pageant hospitol. Bloodlust: Yeah. March Munitions was raided, months ago...they took weapons. Ridiculous. I've never heard of this...Soldier: ---St. Cassandran Liberation Army wanted hostages. Useful hostages. But this growling---animal-- Lorelei: You're not helping! He's reacting to  your tone of voice--- Soldier: Restrain him. Now. Or---


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