Troy: Rrrrawwrrr!! Soldier: Yaaahh!! He---snatched--?---the rifle? ...Right out of my hands. I thought he'd be...afraid.  Lorelei (Caption)L She hesuhtated...not reelizing his idea of guns ceoms from Elmer Fudd!Lorelei (Caption): She started to pull her revolver, but... Vanessa: Unhh!! At least her partner drove off---thinking surely she could handle one woman and two---slow learners. Troy: Unnah?

Vanessa: Lorelei, I want you to take Troy back to the hotel. Lorelei: Right. What about you?  Vanessa: I have her rifle...and I know how to use one.Minton: This satellite photo confirms at least part of your story, Bloodlust--dozens of armed soldiers swarming the hotel-fortress. Jacques: While we're stuck outside--- Bloodlust: --And the hostages--inside.


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