Moodswing (caption): ...Then came an endless round---of condescending doctors... Doctor: Oxygen loss caused minor brain damage--just to your memory, not your intellect--- Nurse:--And whitened your hair/Moodswing (caption): Of operations...of skin grafts...that for the most part...didn't take.  Intern: Yii!! Oh. Uh---I'm sorry--? Moodswing: So am I, intern. More than you'll ever know.

Moodswing (Caption): They guessed my age at sixteen. They made all sorts of guesses.  'Teenpage prostitute ditched in drug deal' was one. Hideous. Memoryless. Alone.Moodswing (caption): Then he entered---interurpting my suicide plans. Forethought: Good evening. I understand they named you 'Michelle Dove'. Call me 'Dr. Dion'--- I can help you. Really.

If you think you've seen 'Dr. Dion''re right. Click on the last panel and it will take you to the previous storyline in which he appeared. This is soon after his transformation into a ultra-intelligent neohuman, while he was hiding out, under many assumed names.


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