Moodswing :Wh-where---? Forethought: A small private hospital.  A ward of the courts, they were delighted for me to shoulder the medical costs. Moodswing: H-how long--? Forethought: Unconscious? Two weeks.Moodswing : How---? It's impossible! Forethought: No. A genetically-altered symbioite is your new 'skin'. It's empathic; it senses your ideal form---and molds itself to fit.

Moodswing (Caption): --Yet when I ventured out---I could feel a man's fire-hot desire---watching me---another's golden yearning for me...even stabbing violet female jealousy.Moodswing : What's happening--? Forethought: The symbiote. It's more empathic than I knew. It's picking up others' emotions and sensations--and 'broadcasting' them to you. *Sigh* We'll remove it.


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