Moodswing: No!! Go back to being that horror? Never!! Forethought: Ungh!! 'Chel--listen--you'll just beomce the echo of the emotions around you--not yours. Never yours.Moodswing : I can't---I won't---go back. Very well. I'll...go. But until you learn how to control others' emotions--you'll be an emotional victim---not--in control.

Moodswing (Caption): I never saw him again. I applied to a modeling agency---knowing when someone's dishonest helped...and was soon up there with May Duran and Heidi Klun.Moodswing (Caption): I found I could alter, hair, eye, and skin Vogue-thin...or Baywatch-voluptuous...even crone-ugly...but my subconscious ideals only let me be ugly...briefly.


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