Squadleader: 'Interrogate' means 'question', that's all--for starters, anway.  Hey, youl Big guy. Why are you making such a big deal over a stuffed toy?Squadleader: Can't? Not...won't? I heard him making sounds... Lorelei: He's not mute..he's autistic. He's never said words. Just...sounds.  Squadleader: Turning his back on me? C'mon....

Squadleader: Turn around you--ulp! Troy: Rrrrr!! Lorelei: Uh...bad move. If i were you...I'd make my voice a little...friendlier. Squadleader: Why should I? I've got the gun!Squadleader: He's biting himself...drawing blood?? Lorelei: Because he's angry. Right now---he's feeling no pain. ---Since he can't talk, he's showing you---your threats mean---nothing.


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