Squadleader:--If I blow 'em away, who cares if he's afraid? He's not bulletproof... Squadmember: Say the word, sir!  Lorelei: W-Wait a minute! What'll your boss say--?Bloodlust: We'll, he'll say...hello again, Miss Lyons.  Squadleader: Sir! Lorelei: Calm down, Troy...simmer down...so...you're really behind these rebels, not fighting them, huh, Bloodlust? Figures.

Bloodlust: Very good. A fabricated hostage situation---from willing, cooperating 'victims'. Lorelei: Cooperating? Willing? Daddy would never--- Bloodlust: Oh, please. I served a jail term, protecting your father's ruthlessness.Bloodlust: You two are babes in the woods. Innocent, mentally-challenged bystanders. Too Bad, so sad.  Andre, dispose of them.  Lorelei: But---we just wanted his bedtime bear.  Bloodlust: Really? Nighty-night.


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