Lorelei (caption): What happined next--was like it was in slo moshunn.   Troy pushed me out of the way.  Was he jus mad---? Or was he protecting me---?Lorelei (caption): Two shots. He...staggered. Did he love me? I can't know...but there...I think he showed his love...as much as he could.

Lorelei: He didn't stop, though. I don't think he felt the pain---he was too mad! He atacked---Brad Pit looks---Frankinstiin grunts. Squadleader: Eyurgh! Squadmember: Eyii! Troy: Rarr! Lorelei: Bloodlust...? No...please...Bloodlust: Amateurs. Troy: Uhnh!! Lorelei: No! No, no, no, no!! (Caption): He couldn't eggnore that shot. ...or live through it, eether. Hororfyed, I wached the man I...loved's...last...breth.


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