Minton: Glad we found you, Mrs. Lyons--and U.S. forces are moving into position.... Mrs. Lyons: Lorelei and Troy went to the U.S. embassy. Minton: Yes. We're not equipped for...slow learners.Commisioner Jacques: I'm afraid I have some...bad news, Mrs. Lytons. Minton: This is Police Commissioner Jacques... Vanessa: Wh-what's wrong? Jacques: A young man's body was left in front of the occupied hotel...

Vanessa: Troy!! And--what of Lorelei--? Minton: Mrs Lyons, I'm so sorry... Vanessa: You should be...but so should I...we both sent innocents on their own---you were---less fortunate.Jacques: The body's still there...a innocent...has been murdered. I'll...retrieve it.  Shore: Not alone. You'll need help. I'll go... Jacques: As you wish. Minton: Good luck.


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