Shore: Wow. Kevlar-meshed flak jackets. Your department's really prepared. Huh? You say my name? Jacques: No. I'm concentrating on our mission. ...Our responsibility. Mindmistress: Shore. This way.Shore: You!! If Minton catches you here--- Mindmistress: Oh, please! No one can see or hear me---unless I allow them to.  Shore: Are you behind this--?

Mindmistress: No, Bloodlust---and his sister---are behind this--setting one side against the other---aided by  Shore: Can you prove it--?  Mindmistress: Not yet. But---I will.Mindmistress: You won't see me---but I'll protect you two while rescuring the---body. Shore: Thanks, but--- Jacques: Who are you talking to? Shore: Uh...myself, it seems.


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