Minton: *Moan* Mindmistress. As if I didn't have enough problems.... General Lewis: do we know that March and his sister haven't set this all up? Jacques: Right. I never heard of this 'rebel movement'...Bloodlust: Okay, now she's planned.  Moodswing: Lure her to me. She'd make an interesting slave...wouldn't you love having hre begging and fawning at your feet...? Bloodlust: You know it!

Bloodlust: It's time...for you to assume 'command'. Durindana: Vicente Hector Durindana will not let you down, Senor March!  Bloodlust: You're too good an actor...I know.Durindana: You've done well to keep this out of the media.  But one more attack---especially by that armored woman--and hostages will die--whimpering--in agony!


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