Mindmistress: Nice lie.  Durindana: You?? We'll execute a hostage...!! Mindmistress: Oh, please. We both know this will become a ---profitable--withdrawal of your forces--regaining the 'hostages'---who will become 'moles' in high places.Durindana: Fernando? Fernando!! I need--- Mindmistress: Vicki, a friend of mine, is scrambling ordinary commmunication---she can't effect your real leader's, Bloodlust's, tight-beam communique, but... Durindana: I'm the leader, woman!

Mindmistress: Be careful what you claim...if you're really the leader, you'd be responsible for this muder-- Durindana: That one? I heard he was an animal! He's better off....Mindmistress: So. He's 'better off' ....dead.  Because he was mentally deficient. Because he couldn't talk. You claim to be leader...to be...responsible.  Durindana: I am! I--- Mindmistress: Wrong answer.


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