Durindana: What? That's the boy in the picture? But---he's---dead!!! Mindmistress: 'Better off dead' perhaps? But not...resting in peace. He doesn't look pleased-- Troy: Rrrrrrr!! Durindana: K-keep back!! Back!!!Durindana: I've shot him again and again---at point-blank range--!! He won't die!! Mindmistress: Gee, I wonder why---? Oh, wait---could it be because he's already dead--?

Mindmistress: It doesn't look like bullets bother him. If I were you--I'd run! Run for the life---you denied him. Durindana: Yaaaahhh!! Troy: Rrrrr!!! Mindmistress: Run---because death is at your heels.Bloodlust: Running in panic---shooting at nothing---she's up to her old tricks, all right. Operator: I don't understand, sir. What's Durindana fleeing from? Bloodlust: His worst nightmare.


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