Durindana: *Huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff* Lewis: An hour running around the citadel-hotel, Minton. What is he fleeing from? Minton: I don't know, Lewis.Durindana: *Wheeze**hack**hunh**huff**huff* Moodswing: Two hours of panicked running. I can feel his exhaustion---and more, his utter fright. ---And I feel her merciless, pitiless fury.

Bloodlust: Moodswing---you gotta go! You sure you can get him from here? Sniper: Without a doubt. Bloodlust: Okay, he can't fall into Minton or Lewis' hands---he knows too much.Solderi1: A rifle? They shot their own leader? Terrorist fanatics. No life's precious to them--not even their own. I hate to think what the hostages are going through...


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