Shore: While everyone's busy with the crazy running rebel..let's see if we can discover where the hostages are. Lee: I can help. Shore: I like your style, Lee.Shore: D-do you feel it---? Lee: A crushing grief---like when my sister died of AIDS? Plus---everything revolting--like anchovies wrapped around brussell sprouts in a sewer--?

Minton: So what was it? Leiws: A psychoactive gas? Jacques: Radiation?  Shore: I dunno...but we both felt crushing grief--combined with everything--repulsive. Lee: If we'd gone on--we'd be mad.Mindmistress: I feel it too--an emotional field of grief---like when my mother died---combined with everything gross and disgusting. Vicki! Vicki: Bosslady? Mindmistress: The Swift Thought'll get me through...


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