Thanks! Oh. And...'Be fruitful and multiply mode. I always wanted  a big sister...Moodswing: She's here!  Bloodlust: Mindmistress? Moodswing: Yes. She's in this wing of the hotel. Interesting personality. Self-assurance, confidence, competence, planning---all wrapped around a much more innocent, vulnerable self...

Bloodlust: She's alone, then, Moodswing?  Moodswing: Oh, yes. No other personality entered with her....  Bloodlust: Good. She's dangerous...with unmatched technology...but we've got her badly outnumbered, and hostages to boot...Bloodlust: Only by leading an overwhelming force would she be a real threat.... Moodswing: She's alone, Wolf. Trust my empathy. No other personalities entered with her.  None.


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