Bloodlust: Remember Clarke's Third Law: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinghuishable from magic.' Moodswing: I have my own magic, Wolf---I turn enemies into allies, foes into faithful friends.Bloodlust: Attention, Mindmistress! Show yourself and surrender---or--my supermodel groupies'll start snuffing their willing, unresisting victims. Moodswing: Wolf---she's right over there. Unseen or not---I can feel her emotional center.

Moodswing: Aaaahhh...very good. You're as unique in your way as I am in mine. A shame we're enemies... Moodswing:  I'll change that. Bloodlust: Huh? Why turn the staff on yourself--?Moodswing: What was that? Bloodlust: It came from the open central courtyard---you stay here...or some hostages will be sporting an extra mouth! Mindmistress: Golly. Suspicious. Suspicious. What a way to live...


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