Wow. Silver and platinum ingots--easily totally 100 mil--our own mini-Fort Knox! Bloodlust: But how did it get here? No one heard helicopters--Bloodlust: Okay, move it through these doors for oversized equipment---we're too exposed to satellite eyes---we'll test it for booby traps---make sure they're not fake ingots.

Moodswing: Okay, 'Mindmistress'---it's time for a -- change of heart. Getting you on our side, we'll be unstoppable-- Mindmistress: You're awfully confident-- Moodswing: With reason. The heart always overules--the head.Moodswing: I can take you from rage and hate-- Mindmistress: What--? How dare you--?

Moodswing: --To trust and acceptance-- Mindmistress: Oh. I feel so--Moodswing: To total loyalty and trustworthiness. I can see the change, with my empathic 'sight'.  Mindmistress: Ohhh. What've I done?

Mindmistress: Oh! I've been blind---I'm so sorry for what--- Moodswing: Think nothing of it--and welcome to--the converted. Mindmistress: You were hoping I'd attack-- Moodswing: Bait. You're quite a catch.


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