Mindmistress: I'm locked out of using the psyche-staff without that sincere hate---so I can't undo the--compulsion.  Moodswing: But we've hostages... Soldier: Look--the ransom--the ingots combining into those metal women!Mindmistress: The hostages are being freed... Bloodlust: *Pant* *Pant* Yeah?...you and what army?  Moodswing: Wolf---I'm sensing panic among the rebels---but I can't sense their enemies...

That 'whump' you heard-- wasn't the ransom being dropped by helicopter-- but my separate robot doubles jumping out of windows---reasembbling as the ransom--now, I'm afraid--they're free--They'll separate the 'hostages' from the 'attackers'--permanently hurting neither---disarming the dangerous--I can't override their orders---without a special Psyche-staff signal-- Bloodlust: --Which you can't use--- Moodswing: ---Unless 'unconverted'..


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