Moodswing: Okay. Brillant work. I know when I've been checkmated--I release you and all my thralls. Cheney: Wh-what? What have I been doing? Mindmistress: Ahhh...good to be me again!Moodswing: --Except Bloodlust, who I'm filling with a berserker rage.  He'll keep you busy--while I take my leave. Bloodlust: All. Your. Fault!!! Mindmistress: Homicidal and a maniac. Lucky me.

Cheney: Minton? This is the vice-president. All the hostages are safe and...restored...to normal. Move in! Bloodlust:: Take this curare-tipped blae...unhh! Mindmistress: Too slow, Bloodlicker.Moodswing: Well, I hate to have an elaborate plan demolished and run, but-- Mindmistress: Aaahh!! Almost got you--but instead only got a sliver of your belt. Bloodlust: Die die die die!!


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