Mindmistress: What--? Gas--? Bloodlust: A catalyst to trigger and increase growth of some--specialized--bioweapons. A biological agent tailored to ignore my DNA...and absolutely deadly to the rest of you.Bloodlust: Against this---a 'super-Ebola'---a flesh-eating disease which---when combined with the catalyst--multiplies and kills everything in an enclosed area--in minutes! Mindmistress: The perfect plague-- Bloodlust: --Courtesy of March Munitions.

Bloodlust (Caption): Soon I'll be alone in an auditorium of skeletons--stirpped of skin by microscopic airborne microbes--as soon as I crush or drop--this tiny vial. The perfect biological weapon.Bloodlust: Go ahead--try and stop me. 'Freeze' me with our mind-tricks. But be quick---if I give just a tremor--it'll be the biggest massacre since Jonestown. Or beg for your life... Mindmistress: Beg you? No chance!


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