Mindmistress: --Besides, you forget I have dozens of duplicates--who are disease-proof--at my beck and call. Never read the 'Evil Overlord' list, did you? Bloodlust: No!! It's dropping--you're dead!Mindmistress: No--my robots can rebuild themselves in seconds--Mindmistress:  --Becoming a sphere--to catch the vial--Mindmistress: --To seal it from the outside air--Mindmistress:--Hermetically sealed---and safe.  Bloodshot: No--you can't survive--

Mindmistress: Now increase all your internal heat you're red-hot--destroying the microbes. Bloodlust: No...no...I can't go back to prison. Not again... Mindmistress: My heart bleeds for you.Mindmistress: Miss...I'm grateful--but as dangerous as that manac is--that woman is even more dangerous! Indeed. Too dangerous for anyone with emotions to stop--but my duplicates can stop her.


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