Robot: Excuse me...show me your face...you may pass. We're searching for two persons' images---and you're not one of them.  Moodswing?: Thank you.Shore: Excuse me, Miss. I represent the U.S. government-- Jacques: --And I the St. Cassandranauthorities-- Shore: Could you lower your stole so we can see your face clearly, please?

Moodswing: Am I who you're searching for, young man?  Shore: Uh...no, thank you. Jacques: Shore, she's a guest of...advanced years. I'm escorting her out. Shore: Sure. I understand.Soldier: Everyone have the descriptions the Veep phoned to us? Jacques: I'm so sorry guests got involved...St. Cassandra prides itself on its hospitality.

Click on the third panel to see that I've mentioned this "ability" of Moodswing's before. I didn't pull this out of left field.


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