Moodswing: You think you'll catch the ones behind this horrible hostage operation? Jacques: Oh, of course. They're as good as captured. Moodswing: Indeed? Very comforting...I hope St. Cassandra's tourist trade will recover...Moodswing: But it must upset you to see your island reduced to a battlefield--or the most beautiful of hotels the site of a terrorist strike.  Jacques: Yes. Yes, it does.

It must be so easy to resent those who come here and take advantage of the island and its people...envy their affluence...Moodswing: ...Meddling in the island's affairs, bringing in bad influences---drugs, guns, dangerous ideas---until a paradise becomes...poisoned.

Moodswing: Doesn't it make you angry? Doesn't it make you want to kill someone...metaphorically speaking of course. Jacques: Yes. Yes. Yes!!!Jacques: It's all your fault!! All you foreigners!! You've exploited us long enough!! Soldier1: Duck!! Soldier2: He's gone nuts!! Soldier3: Someone let Shore know...

Jacques: Die die die die!! Serpents in paradise! Moodswing: *Whew* I couldn't 'hold' that face much longer...good diversion, but...*unch* I have to get away from these agonizing sensations...


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