Cheney: Miss...is the danger past...? Lyons: Careful, Dick. Mindmistressl Well, with bloodlust in custody...the rebels disarmed by my duplicates..the 'Converted' freed...I think you're safe... (machine gun fire) ...but I could be wrong.Mindmistress: Wooo. She's good... Jacques: Crawl like the snakes you are... Soldier1: Get down! Shore: Jacques...we were friends... Soldier2: Your 'friend' is trying to ventilate our skulls!

Mindmistress: She's like an emotional tornado--leaving wreckage in her path---but I can control others too...  Jacques: That glare! Trying to blind me...?Jacques: What? How did you get over there--took advantage of that glare didn't you?  Trying to sneak up on me---? Die die die die!! mindmistress: Ungh!! Shore: Jacques, no!! Soldier1: Eyahh!! Soldier2: Uh!!


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