Shore: Why--? Why did he--? Mindmistress: He thought he'd committed murders --and that he'd be hunted and hounded for them. He wasn't sorry...but he didn't want to be...caged.Soldier1: Speaking of hating being caged... Mindmistress: Speaking of murderers... Shore: Let her speak to him! Soldier2: The metal women let us take him into custody, sir... Bloodlust: Oh, great! Come to gloat?

Mindmistress: No. To promise. Bloodlust: Owww!! Mindmistress:  You shot an unarmed autistic man days ago. It was the most cowardly, cruel and contemptable thing I've ever witnessed. Trigger-happy sociopathic sadist.Mindmistress: Now--the greatest, most inventive intellect on earth---is now going to find a fitting punishment for you. Beg for mercy. You'll get the same you gave...him. Bloodlust: Mama.


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