Shore: Hold it! Interrupting the threat-fest...Red here is a federal prisoner. No torture. No vengeance. No grounds to overturn his case. You're under arrest, too. Mindmistress: Oh. Me? Good luck!Shore: I'm not kidding. We need to question you about the Forethought affair...your part in all this... Mindmistress: You know what happens if they fire, right? Shore: Well...yes...

Mindmistress: Still..you have a point how I could screw up his upcoming conviction...Bloodloser...I'm just putting this on hold. Not ...forgetting. Ever. Bloodlust: No! Don't--Bloodlust: ---Disappear-- Shore: Well, that wasn't a big surprise---but I had to try---'scuze me---let's see if I can catch that Moodswing person, anyway-- Bloodlust: No way. She's gone.


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