Shore: What? Are they refilming Hitchcock's The Birds or something? Why are these birds everywhere---angry, restless, confused---and no planes can take off---until they calm down. Oh. Oh, I see.Shore: That's right, Minton. One small private jet took off--then every bird for miles around went crazy! I guess she can control animals' emotions too--and one pilot's.

Mr. Alexander: Colonel Minton--that oddly armored woman talked of the murder of an autistic man--- Mrs. Alexander: W-was it Troy? Minton: Mr. and Mrs. Alexander---this is the most unpleasant part of my job---Minton: --But your son's body--killed by a gunshot wound--was recovered days ago. He's at a local funeral parlor. Mr. Alexander: I...see. Troy... Mrs. Alexander: My baby... Lyons:--And my daughter? With Troy? Lorelei?


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