Lorelei(Caption): So now I have a lowsy pichur of Troy at my apartment--(Troy didn't hold still long enuff for a good pichur...and kry everee time I pass it.Lyons: Bloodlust would have spilled too many secrets in the U.S....so St. Cassandra tried him. He's now in their rat-infested, lice-ridden prison. Poor devil.  Lorelei and Mrs. Lytons (Together): Good.

Lorelei (Caption): So every nite I go to bed with Padington Bare...'nstead of Troy. I feel...closer...to Troy. I think...Padington...mises him two.Lorelei (Caption): Dumb? Stupid? Silly? Yeah. I know. No mater how smart or dumb you are--lose sumone you luv...it hurtz.  I didn't kno anything...anything...culd hurt this bad.


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