Vicki: So did Bloodlust take advantage of those amorous models? Mindmistress: No. He didn't have time---and now he and his sister's in a third-world prison. Ironic.Mindmistress: Playing back my duplicates' memories showed me that Moodswing can--at least for a while--change her form--but that belt--changing emotions--well--maybe this shard will reveal how--

Mindmistress: It--can't--be-- Vicki: What's wrong? Mindmistress: Atomic weight: 228. Crystalline structure unlike any metal on Earth.  Vicki: It's---unearthly? Alien? Mindmistress:'s an element unknown even in the spectra of distant stars...Mindmistress: All my devices--couldnt' duplicate this. I'd need a collider---as large as Earth's orbit around the sun. This is a miracle. I need to find---the Miracle Maker.


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