Ash: C'mon--let's talk on the balcony---before you're lynched by the party you're hosting-- Ash: I'm just being realistic-- Ash: Yeah, well-- won't protect you from fratricide-- Lucy: Leo proposed after bowling---Ash: Now...what's the problem?  Caedmon: It's...irresponsible.  Marriage's a huge can't marry--- yet a third-grader's smarter than either of them.  Ash: They love each other, Caedmon.  You're single.  Relax.

Caedmon: Look...someday Mom'll pass  I always knew...Lucy would be my...sole..responsibility.  Now...I'm responsible...for two. Ash: Leo's brother's famous. Well-off. He'd help. Caedmon: He's paralyzed.Caedmon: ...Infirm...might die's not the money.  They might have kids.  Ash: Horrors. Loving, caring parents... Caedmon: Mentally handicapped.  --Making educational---medical--decisions-- Ash: Wow. Co-dependent, heal thyself.  Later.  Caedmon: Hm? Harmonica music...?




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