Caedmon: I know you?  Harmonica: No. Your loss.  Caedmon: This's a private party, Miss...? Harmonica: Monica Lewinsky.  Caedmon: What?? Caedmon: Not that one. So friends call me---Harmonica.  Caedmon: Speaking of--- what were you playing?Harmonica: 'The Times they are a-changin'...'--Dylan.  Speaking of which--you're my new boss.  Caedmon: Huh?? Harmonica: Caedmon East, right?  Business executive enfant terrible.  Just appointed acting CEO of March Munitions?

Harmonica: You're holding this party in March Munitions' executive suite... Caedmon:  Your..title?  Harmonica: Negotiator. Mediator.  Junior legal counsel. --For March Munitions and subsidiaries like the Snakepit.  Caedmon: The--? Oh.  The Mimir Research Institute over there?Harmonica: Yep.  Most call it the Snakepit, though. After Iris March was jailed--- Wolfgang gone, maybe dead...the Snakepit kept us top dog in defense work contracts.  Caedmon: Unusual...legalese.  Harmonica: Flatterer.




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